How do I fix my credit report

Many companies claim that they can be "fix your credit report legitimately " today. But what that means? What does it mean to say that you can "fix" your credit report legally " "? That sentence seems almost grim, doesn't it? If you pay them money, they promise to improve your credit score and you "clean up" or " " "fix your credit report. Should you take it seriously? Well, I have good news and good news for you. The truth of the matter is, Yes, it is legally possible to increase your credit score and have negative items removed from your credit report. The other good news is that I will tell you how you can do it yourself for free, so you don't have to pay the law firm or credit counselor to do this for you.

It's very simple, really. There are no secrets, hidden legal process. No "piracy " in credit and medical records. There is no creation of a new credit report. All these methods are illegal elsewhere).

All you have to do is take advantage of a law that I am sure most consumers have heard of. But most consumers do not know what this famous law actually stated. This is known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

According to the law, if a consumer sees something suspicious on his credit report, he has the right to challenge him with the credit bureaus. Credit reporting agencies, by law, have thirty days to investigate disputes and verify the accuracy of the negative entries in your credit report where you challenge. If an agency does not receive a response that verifies the article disputed claims from the lender within thirty days, then the credit reporting agency, by law, have to remove negative items from your credit report.

This is a very simple process that every American consumer have the right to compromise. However, it takes time and effort and requires patience. But if it continues, you can have the credit score much better in a few months. Of course, lenders can respond and indicate that the items have been verified as accurate, in which case the item will remain in your credit report. But sometimes this process can benefit you. If you have a collection of items from the collection agency that has been bought and sold many times over to another collection agency, it can be a disaster to try to find who actually keep your debts. It can only take more than thirty days. Or creditor can no longer find your account in your system because your account was closed some years ago. The response to this one would leave the disputed claims of your items on your credit report. Or the lender details are outdated and you can no longer contact them.

Or perhaps the business has stopped. So, how do You refute the negative credit? Simple: write a letter to the credit rating agencies have listed the items in dispute on your credit report, it tells you that you don't agree with the accuracy of the information contained therein. Create a list improve your credit score of creditors, your name, your social security number and description of the goods that disputed claims. For example, if you are late ninety days with payment to company ABC on July 2004, write in your letter that you don't agree with these late payments because you believe it is inaccurate. You don't need to tell them more detailed reasons, and you don't need to tell them what you think you're supposed to say. But you should indicate in your letter that you write in accordance with the laws of fair credit reporting, and you expect them to remove the items that this disputed claims within thirty days if not verified.

So that's how! Here's how she fix his credit. Be sure to write a separate letter for each item that disputed claims to each credit reporting agency. So, if you have ten negative elements which You bid and all ten appear in the three major credit reporting agencies, you must then write thirty letters separately.

How quickly will you see the results on your credit report and see an increase in your credit score? You have to give him at least two months. By the time it takes to send correspondence to the Agency and send it through the mail, plus thirty days between them, it could take five to six weeks. And then, deleted items can not be removed until next month because of credit reports is updated each month.

One more thing: the fair credit reporting ACT also gives rights to improve your credit score credit reporting agencies to ignore the dispute frivolously. In other words, if you send them a notice of protest is just to try to impose the rule of 30 days, they have the right to not take seriously Your dispute. But, of course, the Agency cannot assume that you do it unless you see it try to refute the same negative in your credit report repeatedly to see if it gets deleted this time. Keep in mind, however, that the intent behind this legislation is to protect consumers from mistakes in their credit reports.

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